Log Cabin /Thursday Doors

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I chose the old log cabin located in Lindsborg, Kansas for your viewing pleasure this Thursday Doors. It sits on the same property where there once operated Smoky Valley Roller Mill, now a historical register location. More on the mill next week when I can give you a much more interesting narrative. As I write this week, 5 month old baby is teething. Anyone who knows about early childhood knows that milestone after milestone occur with each passing month. This bundle of joy is on cue. Me, not so much. So I hope you’ll bear with me as I try to gather my organization skills and become a more orderly blogger —-but don’t hold your breath. There have been over 185 children and I’m not feeling any closer to organized that I ever was. The truth is, babies rule the day, as they should. And I digress once again. Here’s my sampling for the challenge.

First the implements–I’m not an expert on what’s what just for the record.

We arrived on the wrong day for a tour, but maybe next time we can peek inside.

Thanks for spending some time here. Hope you’ll visit the host, Dan at No Facilities for more doors from around the world.



  1. These are wonderful doors. I would love to tour around there and I hope to see something of the mill historic site. I remember teething, but we only went through that process once. Good luck. Thanks for finding the time to join us for Thursday Doors.

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  2. I’m impressed that you even put a post together let alone such an interesting one. I remember my mother-in-law used to excuse the girls’ fussing by saying they were teething. But children teeth for many, many years so I didn’t let that excuse work for long. 🙂 At the age of this one, though, it’s different.


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