Chevalier Road/ThursdayDoors

Chevalier: Horseman, French History. the lowest title of rank in the old nobility.


I have a single door/gate this week. It seems to me to be on the lower-ranking scale of gates, but it has seen a season or two. And I’m not just talking about the weather. This little stretch of Pettis County may look like a really peaceful place to wander, but there are 3 instances in 2021 of sheriff reports made on or just east of this road. An abandoned vehicle found, a high-speed chase ended close enough to the road that it was named in the news, and a major drug arrest was made of an individual from another state after reports of a suspicious vehicle caused an investigation to commence. The only action we had was hearing a mule call in the distance. Hope you enjoy my sampling at the end of the post.

For more of the fancy stuff doors are made of, please visit Dan’s place at No Facilities. He’s got the round up of doors for your entertainment. Enjoy!!



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