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I have probably driven past this barn a million times since I was a little girl. As the title suggests, it’s on Green Ridge Road, also known as State Highway B. When the landmarks of childhood still stand, it’s heartwarming. Why? Makes me think back in time I suppose. But in my simple post, I hope you will be thoughtful on landmarks you remember from your own youth. Just a little mental prompt from me to you.

This one’s hard to capture both on a hill and a curve in the highway.
Hay cutting time–aka Hay fever season
The Doors

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  1. Nice barn. I don’t live near where I grew up but I’ve been back a few times and it was quite interesting to see how things have changed. It was also interesting to see how small the house that I grew up in was although, unlike some other places, it seemed a bit small when we lived there. But we never thought anything about it. My grandparents farm buildings are gone, which made me sad when I was last there.


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