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I’m really fond of this week’s photo shared with me by my youngest daughter. I just love the composition of the street view. And I’m also thankful she walked up closer to get in some details. Like how she captured the color of the porch ceiling, the paint peeling on the door and the fact that it’s next door to a previously featured church from Glasgow, Missouri. All in all just a well-rounded set of photos in my humble (& probably biased) opinion.

On 11/5/2020 it was listed for sale for $125,000 and the listing states it is made from locally made bricks. Listing photos show that the balcony view is overlooking the Missouri River. A pretty grand home from back in the day for a river town in Missouri.

Please take some time to visit Dan at No Facilities for many more great Thursday Doors from all over the globe. A great way to spend a quiet afternoon or evening.



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