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From the community of Blackwater, Missouri once again, I present a unique museum. The Mid Missouri Museum of Independent Telephone Pioneers is closed on the day my daughter captured these photos, but I thought it would be an interesting read for the Thursday Doors followers. On the corner of Main and Trigg, it surprisingly doesn’t have a telephone number listed on the Blackwater Preservation Society page. A little bit of humorous irony there. In 1907 it was the Bank of Blackwater. According to the site, it closed due to the Great Depression and has had several uses but lastly was a telephone company until 1997 when donated to the town for use as the museum. Seems a good stop for a future doorscursion to see what’s inside.

My youngun didn’t notice the telephone booth to the right.
The wooden boardwalk gives a throwback to earlier times.

Another building on display is this antique shop/old school. This late 1800’s one-room school was relocated from 10 miles outside of town and in use until 1954. I’ll look forward to poking around the antiques someday as well. I hope it’s bigger than it seems.

Prairie Lawn School Antiques

The rest are just a few little extras I’m throwing in for the week. Take time if you enjoy doors like I do and visit Dan at No Facilities for an ample list of other entries this week.



  1. I love that museum. A wonderful large corner door and I’m not sure I’ve seen a wooden walkway before (outside of a movie). I like the one room school and the church turned theater. All wonderful doors and structures. Thanks for joining us at Thursday Doors.

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