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Fairly recently, before the super cold air invasion, we went on a day drive to Columbia, Missouri. If you’re wondering, yes, a fabric pick up was in order. And of course, we took a little time to find some doors along the way. Along I-70 is this church overlooking some Lamine River bottomland and the highway below. It’s the Peninsula Baptist Church. The Lamine River winds around this parcel of land on three sides, hence the name of the church.

According to an article I read from 2012, it was restored that same year. Dedicated in 1877, the article also described some interesting pioneer history in the church records that tell of members being dismissed for a variety of ‘unchristianlike’ behaviors. I don’t often hear of church members being dismissed these days. I feel like being more forgiving is a good thing. We humans have improved, right?? Just don’t watch the evening news.

If you’d like to read the article from Missourian, I’ll include a link here. There is a photo there of the founders of the church from their early years as well. Persmission to use the photo was not going to happen after asking and getting redirected a few too many times. I think my photos for Thursday Doors will suffice and hope you enjoy them! Click on any photo to view the gallery.

When I see lone buildings upon hills, this verse seems to come to mind. The moral of the story, the foundation is always important. Thursday Doors has a great foundation and you can check out the resident craftsman, Dan at No Facilities to see more fabulous doors this week!



  1. Good verse for it. In the Midwest, I often saw lovely country churches while driving on the interstate, but no way to stop or get off for a photo. Not the same sort of churches here, at least so far. 🙂 There are some Spanish-style churches for future visits.


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  2. Your photos are fine. I like them. I’m glad you included the stone building, too. It’s always a wonderfully feeling to learn that a piece of history was restored and is being preserved. Thanks for finding and sharing this one.

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  3. A story to ponder on. I enjoyed your last paragraph very much, the foundation is always important. In everything we do.

    The structure made of stones surely has a few stories of its own. It appears to be ancient. Good foundation there, if it is as old as it looks.

    As is your house on a hill. Enough time for a thought or two to be disentangled – till you reach its gate.

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