Pony Path Road/ThursdayDoors

Keeping it simple this week as we wish Happy Trails to our Thursday Doors leader Norm. All my best to you Norm and hope to see you around! In choosing my photo for this week I thought this quote fitting.

“Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.”

John Muir

In my life, many of them were gravel, but who’s counting?! I present this photo of a locked up, boarded up, simple farmhouse. Barn has burned a few years past but I liked the photo play with clouds seemingly floating out of the silo. Hope you enjoy the whimsy.

Thanks as well to Dan for shouldering the Thursday Doors clan. Norm chose well! It’s been good to have you here! Til next time, stay safe. 



  1. I like the door and the clouds. They do look like they’re coming out of the silos. I remember when our family would drive to Virginia on vacation (before the Interstate highways were built). We’d pass buildings like this and I’d always tell my mother, “I wish I could buy you a house like that.” I don’t remember why I was fascinated with house and barns in that state of disrepair.

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