A Gift from Aunt Maybelle/ThursdayDoors

After last Thursday Doors was posted, I had a very pleasant surprise in my phone messages! My dear Aunt Maybelle, who shares my nerdy interest in family history, sent a couple little historical gems to me. From her collection of memorabilia came the following articles– doors included.

None from my mother’s generation would have attended in 1931.

Some comments from my share to FaceBook reflected on how much they missed those simpler times. Ice cream socials, women’s club meetings, 4-H parties–and one cousin fondly remembered the awesome teeter totters πŸ™‚ They seemed so huge back then. One thing I remember is the way we didn’t want to go wading through that grass too far past where it was mowed or had been layed down by the parked cars for fear of snakes. Naturally the male species were intrigued by finding critters.

Rollcall of the Instructors

Having a history of past teachers is interesting to look back on. I see surnames of families who are still around. Our current sheriff is a Bond. Mothersbaugh is the last name of one of the band members of Devo, and later in the cartoon Yo Gabba Gabba. I’ve been told there is local connection but I’m won’t swear by it. It would be fun to investigate. I could also point out that Orilla Chaney, the last teacher in 1954-55, was related. Teaching runs in the family –and you could also say our roots run deep around here.

Doors up close

There are obvious little differences in the side by side I’m giving you. No more bell tower in my 2017 photo on the right. I wonder who ended up with the old school bell? Peeling paint, boarded up attic window, and basically just more bedraggled. To unknowing passersby, it has a look of a haunted building. But I never heard of any tales.

Thanks for taking a glimpse of my continuation of last week’s Thursday Door entry. Please take some time to visit Norm 2.0 as he allows us all to gather at his place to ‘be counted on the roll’. Have a great weekend!



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