Revisiting Manila/Thursday Doors

Back during the A to Z Challenge of 2017, I had a photo of ‘our village green‘. It was, in essence, 2 buildings, a church and an old one-room school house. To be even more precise, Antioch Baptist Church and Manila School. I even mentioned the old school in the 2018 A to Z, but no photos that time. And a little over one year ago I gathered more photos of my ol’ stompin’ ground, but sadly it was during my Uncle’s funeral and the moments afterwards, mingling with family around a meal set before us by the wonderful ladies of Antioch Baptist. Bittersweet times to see so many old familiar faces when you’re in that state of affairs. Anyway, I saved the following photos for the moment when I heard they were finally auctioning off bits and pieces of the Manila Building. I didn’t have need of a concrete part of the building, although I was given an old, enamel, double boiler a few years ago (could it be more like 20 years already?). I’m pretty sure I used it while attending a 4-H Cooking project meeting. And that takes me back a couple days. lol So enough reminiscing in words. Let me show you the Inside of this piece of Americana, or at least what was left of it. I hear it’s about to, or could have already been, demolished. Either way it is an eventuality due to lack of funds to bring it back to its former self.

Thank you for letting me show you around the old schoolhouse. My mother attended here, my grandmother was a charter(founding) member of the 4-H club and my last time setting foot here was for a bridal shower held for yours truly. And that was nearly 34 years ago–in case there’s a need to know. Please take a few to visit Norm 2.0 who superintends our Thursday Doors entries. Stay safe everyone!



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