Jaunt to Tipton/ThursdayDoors

When Mother needs some frozen fruit, one must get the frozen fruit. So off we went towards Tipton, Missouri, home of the Dutch Bakery.

Majority view of the store.
Majority view of the store.

As you can see, this is more than just a bakery. Located on US Highway 50, it is a beacon for those headed to the Lake of the Ozarks from points east and west to stock up for the weekend. And for more local customers, it’s where we can find those items you may not find in the box stores. A wonderful gluten free selection is our big draw. So mother didn’t have to twist our arm too much. A business ran by the Amish/Mennonite community, it has been a fixture for over 35 years. Well, maybe not as large as it is now, but it has survived well, thankfully.

Just going to add some more sights from along the way.

Lone equipment barn
Lone equipment barn
This one won't be around much longer.
This one won’t be around much longer.

This one looks like it’s still in use somewhat. The little shed seems to be the after thought.

White Barn is the scene-stealer.
White Barn is the scene-stealer.

Golden fields frame the leading edge of this photo. It rests my eyes after being indoors so much these last months. Watching wind in the wheat is mesmerizing.

Windmill Silhouette
Windmill Silhouette

That’ll be it for my Thursday Doors this week. Thanks to Norm 2.0 for hosting and I hope you’ll take a few to visit his place where he’ll direct you to doors from around the world. Safe journey to all!



    • Thank you! And yes it’s got some rave reviews in the past. Bet they’re not suffering as much as some as there are still many lake-goers. I think being secluded in the water is enticing these days.

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