Barn Sightings/ThursdayDoors

Doing those curbside pick-ups are rewarding when you #1. Get your order quickly and #2. Get a few pics along the way. Sharing a couple finds this week and in the weeks to come. Seems the best way to keep my doorscursion cravings satisfied. I only need a good driver so I can keep an eye out for great doors. Thanks Dear Hubby πŸ˜‰

The best barn is in the back
The best barn is in the back

Seems like you could fit several of the old barn inside those silos. Such a contrast!

Yes! A barn quilt!!
Yes! A barn quilt!!

I hope I eventually learn to bring the real camera someday. sigh!

Front view of both barns
Front view of both barns

That’ll take care of my weekly contribution to Thursday Doors. Please take a few to visit Norm 2.0 for a long list of wonderful doors from across the globe.



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