Prairie Fire Winery

I have probably not lived. I have only visited a couple wineries in my entire 54 years. In my defense, Missouri has not always had quite as many as it currently does. But after this Kansas Quilt Trail experience, I may just have to make a point to visit more. I know, tough task.

So for today’s Thursday Doors (visit Norm 2.0 for more door enthusiasts), I present Prarie Fire Winery and some scenes along the way. Hope you enjoy.

This way.
This way.
Western Style Doorway
Western Style Doorway

There’s not always a fork in the road.

Still on that Kansas Quilt Trail
Still on that Kansas Quilt Trail

And what to my wondering eyes should appear…? I know, not everyone should try to by a comic. Thanks for toleratin’ my feeble attempts.

Another quilt block within feet of each other.
Another quilt block within feet of each other.

Some doors all along this front but the best door is the one with the view—well all of them qualify.

A vast view of Kansas landscape as our last stop on the Kansas Quilt Trail. Left here with a lot of memories and some humor that I could appreciate.

You know you're in rural America when.....
You know you’re in rural America when…..

Til next time, thanks for visiting and have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Love the idea of posting quilt squares along a fence, perhaps creating an entire “quilt” on your property? Had to chuckle at the sign. We needed those sign creators when a local greenway posted this sign: “Beware of snakes and wild animals.”

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    • You’ll be happy to hear the staff was great. And a manure scent was avoided this particular day 😊 Still working on the hubby to make us a quilt over the winter. We shall see if that happens.

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