Hinged 2019/ ThursdayDoors

Hinged = To Fit together- Integrate – Join. My fave Thursday Doors of 2019 is the topic for this week as suggested by our founder/leader, Norm 2.0. I’m hinging a few doors together by subject to better give you a little summary of the year. So here goes:

I had a few weather related posts for the Thursday Doors crowd. There was an Ice Storm, a Missouri River flood, and a spring tornado in Lawrence, Kansas to get the year going. Not that we needed any help. Our friends up north already had survived a seemingly never-ending snow event. They had my sympathy. But here are the pics I chose from the 3 above mentioned events.

I had some great dining/wine experiences with the fam and shared them throughout 2019 as well. We found a sweet little Chinese restaurant, embraced our roots at the German Table and did some wine tasting on the Kansas Quilt Trail. And I’ve got a plans for that wine this Christmas! It will be enjoyed, believe me!

Last in the review are just pics I wanted to include for various reasons. Locations listed in the captions.

By the way, the Thursday Doors posse is taking a break for the holidays and will return January 9. Hope you’ll check out each of their faves for ’19 as well.



  1. Yes indeed the color scheme on that Wamego one is hard to beat, but judging from the overall impression of this collection it was a very good year for doors.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours and all the best for 2020 🙂


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