“Legs”/Life After Blogs

Life After Blogs

This writing prompt intrigued me after reading a few other bloggers’ reflections on this subject. It brought me back to the 70’s before my life was pulled into the computer age. The world was further away then.

Any ideas of taking ship cruises or flying to Europe were pretty far-fetched. We took Walter Cronkite’s evening news as the law. We still had Encyclopedia Britannica and Webster’s Dictionary at my grandparents’ to do our homework with. We also had radio at lunchtime in the summer listening to Paul Harvey’s daily “Good Day” sign-off. Three tv channels on good weather days and endless card and domino games. Life was good.

One thing that separated us from many folks then was that we had CB radios in my dad’s pick-up truck with cool handles like dad’s “Wild Bill” and mom’s “Calamity Jane”. I was “Legs”. Don’t get too excited about that one. I am short, pretty average looks and definitely never been model material. Certainly not athletically inclined as I had lots of knee dislocations during the first half of my life and “Legs” sounded way better than “Knees”. I rarely talked on the CB anyway unless my parents were checking up on me while I babysat my little sister. We were miles from the nearest town and that was their monitoring tool. Wonder what family services would say about that nowadays? Certainly wouldn’t be blasted on Facebook or Twitter….”Parents leave teen daughter and younger sister by 6 years home alone.” Who knew they were preparing me for my future career as a childcare provider. Hind sight is 20/20 you know.




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