Tell It to Jesus

I recollect a statement I made about sharing my banjo collection. I also remember telling you it is small, but it’s still a collection. Thank goodness the dictionary doesn’t say it has to be a certain number, just a group.

My first banjo as you may have noticed in the pics is damaged. It happened while in the case and opening it was like seeing a time capsule. It was not a very expensive banjo and I’m sure my father had doubts about me really sticking with it. Still I was saddened that it’s damaged so badly.

My second banjo was a gift from my husband early in our marriage. We’ve been married 27 years coming up in May. He is a great encourager and I was so surprised when he bought me this Alvarez. This is a Vintage Alvarez made in 1971 and called a Montana 5. A rare model they say. According to my research, this banjo is equal to sound of a Gibson. That is a pretty big compliment. I can also tell you how to know when you are holding a ‘good’ banjo. They. Are. Heavy.

My next one was totally unexpected. After all, my Alvarez is still in great shape. My husband and his father were making daily trips to Jefferson City for treatments for Papa Ron’s foot repair. He suffered extensively from diabetes (among other ailments) and his foot was the one thing that we never could get healed. Little did we know he had only a short time left with us.  So since I was always here holding down the fort with my daycare, they were planning a purchase from one of the male nurses who had this gem for sale. This seller wanted to sell it to someone who would play it, not leave it in the case for another 10 years.  It was such a wonderful gesture and I am truly grateful. Do you know what a Brand New Goldtone costs?? Unbelievable! This was the negotiation  of a lifetime and I will forever be grateful for all parties involved. I definitely ended up with the best slice of the pie.

I’m participating in the A to Z Blog Challenge 2014. Check out some of the other bloggers at this link.




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