Under the Double Eagle

Hope you enjoy our Photographic moments of Easter Sunday 2014.

This is a post I have saved for the A to Z Challenge and finally decided it fits here since balloons go Up 🙂 IMG_2194.jpgaa

It was a busy party month at our home! There was St. Patrick’s Day and then Ben turned 2!! Ben’s birthday is my focus today.

We chose to do a Balloon theme. Our weekly topic was Weather and since ‘wind’ fills balloons, it seemed perfect.

Let me educate you just a tad bit…..

What can you learn from ‘play’ at a party in early childhood?

Language Development:  Speaking and communicating/Listening and Understanding(Giving and receiving directions during games)

Mathematics: Spatial Sense & Geometry(balloons come in many shapes)

Science: Expand knowledge of ‘how it works’ (keeping balloon in the air and Not popping it. We lost 2 balloons that day.)

Music: Increase interest and enjoyment (How to help you feel good)

Movement: Express through movement/ Develop muscles

Social: Developing friendships/listening with comfort in accepting guidance from an adult

This is just the tip of the iceberg so to speak.

But the children don’t know they are learning smiley

Finding Ben beneath the parachute holding the balloons was our photographic challenge.IMG_2197.jpgaaNow you see him


Now you don’t!



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