Pilot Grove Crossings/ThursdayDoors

I have some nice information today connected to a Barn Quilt from Pilot Grove, Missouri. This barn quilt is hanging on the building of the Cooper County Historical Society and has a very nice write-up about it on their FaceBook page. I’ve decided to copy a portion to share today. If you’d like to read the entirety, click here.

Pilot Grove Crossings barn quilt

As you can see, barn quilts are not just for barns. This isn’t the front entrance. But my girl at least found a door to keep this photo in the running for Thursday Doors. So now, about the quilt name and the story behind it:

A new barn quilt, designed by Winky Friedrichs, a charter member of the Cooper County Historical Society, was dedicated on September 26th, 2021, becoming the 21st barn quilt erected in Cooper County.
The quilt block, named “Pilot Grove Crossings,” is attached to the east wall of the Cooper County Historical Society Research Center in Pilot Grove. It’s not a traditional quilt block like the “Grandmother’s Flower Garden” or “Sunbonnet Sue”. It is unique, in that it is deliberately very historic in it’s design, and is meant to tell the story of the early history of Cooper County, and the travel routes that ran through the area.

FaceBook page of the Cooper County Historical Society

Sharing an image from the Historical Society’s page of the building front. More doors so it’s a qualifier.

Cooper County Historical Society


  1. Very nice! FYI, you can always include interesting details like the quilt even if there isn’t a door. There’s bound to be a door somewhere, but I wouldn’t want to miss seeing that quilt.

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    • Thanks! Quilts are a door to creativity I suppose 💁🏼‍♀️ but I might be stretching it without an actual door so I’ll do my best for the challenge lol

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