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Hope everyone is having a lovely Saturday so far! I’m joining the Thursday Doors on the last hour plan once again. But that’s what you do when you work 11 hour days during the week. You fit things in. Life never promised to be perfect. But I hope my contribution this week is worth your visit.

Back in June, we visited Wichita, Kansas for a few reasons. One was for some great company over donuts in the park. I’ll get photos of this next trip. But another reason was to scope out the 2 Frank Lloyd Wright builds. The building featured in this post is on the campus of Wichita State University. I found this information from the website of the university. They explain all the details much better than I would. They also offer a 360 view of this location should you want to see more than my photos offer.

The Corbin Education Center, located on the north side of the WSU campus, was designed by renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

The center was named in honor of former Wichita University President Harry F. Corbin Jr. and was dedicated in 1964. The structure is actually two buildings divided and held together by the esplanade and runs 156 feet north and south and 288 feet east and west. The building is 40,000 sq. ft, including sheltered outdoor balconies and terraces. The belvedere roof is 28 feet from the ground and two 60-foot-tall light needles stand in the center section of the two buildings. The building rests on 200 concrete bell columns and grade beams with a reinforced concrete slab covering the beams. Steel encased fireproof columns and brick walls support the steel framed, reinforced concrete roof and balconies. A fountain runs down the center of the esplanade. The color scheme of terra cotta, turquoise and black was selected by Mrs. Wright. Many of the original furnishings are still being used.


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