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Started this weekend with an air conditioning breakdown. So with several fans running, we wait for the repairman while temps are expected to reach 90 degrees–heat index of 100. Thankful for that warranty about now. So until later in the day, I’ll be dormant in my usual weekend housecleaning. Is that a complaint??? Nope. hehe But getting tired of that Murphy’s Law thing where 3 things break in a row. Annoying. So, pardon my below par introduction. Let’s get on with the Thursday Doors entry!

I introduce Mount Zion Christian Church, located just beyond the Pettis County line in Johnson County at 951 NE State Highway Nn, Dunksburg, Missouri. Established 1840, this church has a FaceBook page with numerous photos showing that it is still a joyful and active congregation. However, in the true spirit of rural America, there is no phone number and no website as far as I can tell. Want to contact them? Send a FaceBook message. Sounds alright with me!

But without further ado, let me share the photos. But before closing, I want to send Father’s Day wishes to those in our part of the world. Hope your day is great!

Mt. Zion Christian Church
Mt. Zion Christian Church

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