Another K Highway Barn/ThursdayDoors

The Badge

Without ceremony or formality, I’m giving you a simple barn photo for my Thursday Doors contribution this week. Sitting along K Highway, one door askew, another one swung wide open and one missing altogether. But it has a brand-spankin’ new white metal roof. Good to go for another couple decades if you ask me. The only thing lacking is a nice barn quilt. (hint, hint to the owner)

Nice, New White Metal Roofing

There’s a writing challenge going on over at Dan’s blog where Thursday Doors is centralized. I’ll be taking time this coming week to do some reading of the talented participants and I hope you will too. He has all the links so be sure to check it out. Til then I leave you with a little bit of banjo humor.



  1. I love that barn! Good to see it’s going to be with us for a while. Maybe the farmer will get around to fixing the doors at some point – what’s the rush? I enjoyed the banjo humor. Personally, I like banjo music.

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