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I have yet another installment from the Watkins Museum in Lawrence, Kansas. This one is related to a previous post from 2017. But I found a little to add to the story, so here goes…..

Lawrence has long embraced those with dissabilities and the story of Leo Beuerman is a prime example. He was a tiny little man who didn’t let his physical impairments keep him from being a productive member of society. There is a nice display honoring him at the museum including items donated to keep his memory alive. Much credit is due this Kansas town for their efforts to remember and inspire, because it does both when you give propers to someone like this.

Hope you enjoyed my rewrite and will take time to visit Dan at No Facilities for more wonderful doors around the world.



  1. seeing that lowered door handle was very interesting and it seems Lawrence was ahead of their time for making modifications for the disabled (Leo) and you are right, it is inspiring to see the way they have commemorated this.

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