603 Ohio/Thursday Doors


This is 603 Ohio Street, Lawrence, Kansas. We turned onto this street many times to visit our eldest during her time attending the University of Kansas. She lived just 2 blocks down in this historical Kansas neighborhood. This brick home plays a part in the history of my post this week. Other than having a gorgeous front door and porch—not to mention the spacious yard—it was the home of a playhouse in 1878 that is currently housed at the Watkins Museum of History. I’ve just about exhausted that tour so this may be the last of the museum posts. Hope you enjoy this one.

Our tour guide, the Doctor, taking a break from her mother’s exhaustive door hunt.
The background

In my humble opinion, the eldest sister had the best assignment of getting to choose furnishings at Marshall Fields in Chicago. I wonder if the sky was the limit?! The current furnishings may or may not be original so the question remains unanswered I’m sorry to say.

Please feel free to click one of the photos to see a slide show with full views of each picture.

Thanks for joining me these last 4 Thursday Doors posts for the highlights of the Watkins Museum of History. Please feel free to stop in to visit Dan at No Facilities for more door entries. As another blogger once said, no visa bill and no jetlag!



  1. Hello! Mr. Antion told me about your blog as he knows a friend and I will be biking part of the Katy Trail in June. I’ll be reading your posts and checking out photos in the hopes I learn a few things before our visit. 🙂

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