Year’s Favorites 2021/ThursdayDoorsThursd

This week on Thursday Doors, we’ve been prompted to share our faves of the year. I chose three personal favorites for various reasons. And keeping it simple so you can, hopefully, view doors of other entrants. Click the highlighted link below to find everyone.

This first one is my top pic. If you know anything about me, quilts are my thing. Barn quilts are the icing on the cake for door finds in my book. As far as doors, you may have noticed there is the typical sliding barn doors that is apparent with the long rusted hardware. And the extra door to the side surely has a story behind it as to the ‘why’ of it being added. Just food for thought. I was thankful the grass around it was cut for this clear view.

Posted first, August 19, 2021

In Kansas, this find was like a beacon in the middle of wheat fields. It was visible from a good distance away—-as houses of worship should be.

From Jan. 14, 2021

This is #3 for the year, but still an important door for me. My youngest had her senior pictures taken here and it was a lovely backdrop for the occasion.

For more reviews of Thursday Doors from 2021, please visit Dan at No Facilities for the list of entries. Thanks Dan for leading us this past year!! And until we reunite the doors crew next year, enjoy your holiday season!



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