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August 29, 2021. Just a couple of old souls looking at clouds forming in the distance. Our scouting took us to Randall Road—my maiden name by the way. Some of the family used to live out that direction in ‘the olden days’. I have no idea exactly where, but those places are probably long gone by now. What we did capture was this gorgeous barn with the cloud backdrop. Gates count for doors. Fields & trees are bonus. Hope you enjoy our wanderings.

Thanks for visiting this week’s Thursday Doors. I hope you’ll check out Dan’s doors at No Facilities as well as those of the other participants. It’s a visit worth your time.



  1. I think you know, but I love barns. The trees growing out of the silo are something I’ve never seen, or imagined. The Sweeping View reminds me of feeling I get when driving through the Midwest (I was just in Iowa) the farms are so vast, some large buildings look insignificant from the highway.

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