603 Ohio Street/ThursdayDoors

Thursday Doors Badge

Built in 1871 and on the National Register of Historical Buildings, this brick Italianate is a landmark for us when headed to see our eldest daughter. Soon she’ll be moving on and I hope to finally get some more of these Lawrence doors captured for the Thursday Doors crowd. They have one of the loveliest old neighborhoods around and it would sure be a shame not to share the door-wealth. For now I have this single one that, in my humble opinion, deserves to stand alone.

Front view

This photo and the next were taken in February of 2020. Front of the house faces East. Wouldn’t early risers love the morning sun through those bedroom windows??

Another perspective/North Side

If you google these addresses, sometimes you get some extra info, like this drawing on record with the Library of Congress. I chose to share the Door, naturally. (Credit for my screen shot to the appropriate entity.)

East Door architecture plan

Thanks so much for stopping in and I hope you’ll also take time to visit Dan over at No Facilities for more wonderful doors. He’ll gladly direct your path.



  1. This is a wonderful building. I love the curved operable shutters. I wouldn’t want to make, maintain or paint them, but they are beautiful. The porch, the balconies, this place has everything I’d love to have. I like the addition of the architectural drawing.

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