KC Life Insurance/ThursdayDoors

Simple photo post this week for Thursday Doors. I present doors from the Kansas City Life Insurance Building in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. Located at 3520 Broadway Blvd, still operational according to my online search. Thanks Kirsten for the donations once again!

Elegant Metal Door Grills

I found some interesting reviews and questions if you look at the Google information. So just for fun…..

On the Google sidebar information search, two out of five questions were left unanswered: #1. what is your fax number so I can fax some documents to you? and #2. How long does it take for a this company to pay after a death. Well, I’d say the first question is likely on their website if I were to make an educated guess. The 2nd question, hmmmm. Seems a little off if you were to ask me. Playing devil’s advocate on this one by saying why would you be in a huge hurry? Maybe I watched too many crime shows during the Pandemic. Maybe people legitimately don’t know how these things work? I hope the company has reached out with answers so they don’t look uncaring. As consumers, we like to feel cared for when it comes to spending our money, right? As for their 47 reviews, they only get 2.8 stars. A few mention an issue with not returning calls. Another says they are great in charity work in the community. And finally, a peek at the Better Business Bureau may be the most telling when it comes to this company. It is not accredited with the BBB and it has 1 star. Might be time for their publicity people to do some freshening up in the public relations department. No I do not use this company and am perfectly fine with my own life insurance choice. And no I am not affiliated with any such company.

Hope you enjoyed this variation on Thursday Doors and take a few minutes to check out Dan’s place at No Facilities. There you’ll find an abundance of doors from across the globe. He’ll direct you. Have a great weekend ahead!



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