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Church of Christ of Blackwater’s sign tells us they ‘meet here’. I searched for a founding date with no luck. And since I’m late writing, I’m going a different direction with today’s post. The town founded in 1887 was named for the Blackwater River flowing beside it. The sources I’ve read say that the river was named by the Native Americans after the rich, black bottom land soil that surround the river. I had pondered on where the name originated and so there you have it! An upcoming event they’re having in typical Pandemic style is a Valentine Drive Thru Dinner. This is being advertised on their Facebook page. You can get “BRISKET, SLAW, BONNIE’S SPECIAL, BEANS, CORN, SCALLOPED POTATOES, STRAWBERRY CHEESE CAKE” according to their advertisement. And there are only 33 respondee’s at this writing. You still have time to sign up!! We are dining in at home next weekend in our otherwise normal fashion. Cooking at home is our thing.

Thanks for visiting another Thursday Doors rendition hosted by Dan over at No Facilities. We door enthusiasts appreciate your visits and you can find all of their entries at Dan’s blog. And finally, shout out once again to my wonderful daughter, Kirsten, for her door donations this week.



  1. What a beautiful country church and the upcoming meal sounds amazing! Just a bit too far from Arizona to make the drive, though, I’m sorry to say. Black soil is what we had living in Nebraska when I grew up–dig, plant, grow. Then in Ohio we had clay in the soil and Illinois had decent soil. Arizona has caliche, a much closer relation to cement. 🙂


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  2. I like the church, the doors, the sign and the bonus doors, but I love those hinges.

    We have brown sandy soil. It we want anything to grow here, we have to add topsoil and mulchy-stuff. You might have guessed that I’m not the gardener here.

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