A Valentine Sunday Sampler

This year, my hubster gave me the gift of Time. File_002

I spent my time blissfully machine quilting.

I really do watch those safety pins when the sewing starts just for the record.


The larger view. The filling for the sashing is yet to be determined. I’ll keep you informed.

Hope you all had a fabulous Valentine’s Day.




Momma Makes “Pink” Divinity

I don’t know what it is but that “pink” makes it so-o-o-o good.

It melts in your mouth better than cotton candy.

I’ve searched online recipes and most divinity is white.

They just don’t understand the difference a little pink will make.

In honor of my momma’s divinity (which I should put a patent on) here’s my latest

Etsy treasury to help show off my Team Heartland friends’ stores.

In the mean time, I’m putting in a request to my mother asap. I’ll send pictures. 🙂




Thanks to Terri from “Inspireren” for letting me post her photo