Dresden Road/ThursdayDoors

Good Thursday afternoon to those who’ve decided to drop in! I hope you’ll enjoy a little Sunday drive we took a few weeks ago before all the leaves dropped. Had some torrential rains followed with several extremely windy days and even a tornado watch since we took these photos. Never a dull moment in the Midwest where weather systems collide. Gonna get to it here this week. Hope you all enjoy!

Another silhouette with gate in the foreground
I’m no expert but I do recognize that over time, the lean-to portion has mostly fallen away.

I’m happy with the phone camera for once—no filters used in these. I’m signing off with a beautiful scene we were blessed with this morning. I urge you to take a few to visit Norm 2.0 and look up the other Thursday Doors entries for the week. And hope you, too, will be greeted with a gorgeous sunrise soon. Stay safe everyone!

November 19, 2020 Sunrise


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