Back Country Drive/ThursdayDoors

While we are emerging from restrictions tentatively here in Missouri — opinions kept to myself here — I was able to do a curbside pickup at a couple fabric stores one early May morning. The following are some sights from the drive. Hope you enjoy the gallery and take a few moments to visit Norm 2.0 for many more wonderful door entries! A great way to get in some virtual traveling.

Hope everyone is staying safe and sound! Thanks so much for dropping by!



  1. It looks like the whitewashed old barn has a 3rd story hay loft. I’m sure that was quite a marvel in its day! It looks like the door up high was left open as often as it was closed. Nice pictures and some amazing contrast. Someone really likes their horses.

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    • Our kids loved car rides, but now it’s just us and a nice way to spend our time and stay socially distanced as well. And I’m a cheap date too haha Just bring me along a little snack or 2 and I’m good 😉


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