2020 Reflection

It’s called a challenge for a reason. You sign up, write, read. Then a worldwide pandemic reaches each corner of the globe. It’s now survival mode. When I chose the topic for this year, I never dreamed I’d be here, without children in my home for this long, telling everyone how to make a home daycare work. Seems like an oxymoron for my life. And a depressing one at that. Because today I had to tell my families that my closure will be extended—again— after a heart to heart discussion with my husband’s physician. Not a great day.

SnapChatting with Sis on our extracurricular activities

But life throws you curves and sometimes you can catch the ball. This one was an alternate form of income using my resources I already had in a way to encourage others to survive–not daycare survival but basic life. Who knew all those 4-H meetings, moments with Mom and Grandma and high school Home-Ec classes would reap such a result in my current circumstances.

So this 7th year was as lucky for me as it was blighted. I’ve had a lot of encouragement from other bloggers and I truly appreciate that. Not normally one to spill my guts in writing on my blog posts, this has been a real learning experience. I actually have a tale to tell. Felt pretty good. But really missing my kiddos and their antics, laughter and most definitely the hugs. I think we all are missing a hug now and then.

I have nothing but the cat’s pajamas to say about my experience this year regarding the AtoZ hosts and fellow bloggers. Not a negativity one. I do agree with other bloggers that this worldwide experience has brought out the best in so many. Gives us all a little hope doesn’t it?! Thanks to all who’ve dropped in–whether it’s to view, like, comment. I look forward to visiting everyone in the weeks ahead. There is so much writing talent each year. So inspiring!

As has been my habit of ending AtoZ posts, I’ve decided to end with something artistic and photography has lent me a few good pictures this spring here in Missouri. I hope you enjoy and Stay Safe!!

A Door for Norm 2.0’s Thursday Doors and a Barn Quilt for Me.

Special thanks to Norm 2.0 for tolerating a multitasking-Thursday-Door Drop-in. In my opinion, Norm’s Thursday Doors should be a mandated weekly visit! Thanks for visiting, and in the words of Count Basie, “to be continued, until we meet again.Meanwhile keep on listening and tapping your feet.”

AtoZ 2020 Reflections Post


  1. I’m afraid that 2020 is going to impose some serious introspection and major life changes on all of us.
    Be well, stay safe, and thanks a bunch for the shout-out 😉

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  2. Sorry about your daycare. I ran a home daycare many years ago. I remember one child getting foot and mouth disease and I had to close it down for two weeks and had to disinfect everything. I can only image all the things you’ll have to do to get things up and running again due to this pandemic. I do think that this virus has opened our eyes to things we took for granted, which is a good thing. Stay safe!

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    • I received a 13 page email one day and a 25 page one the next on strategies and recommendations from licensing/CDC people. It’s pretty mind boggling/daunting all at once. Thanks for sharing 🙂


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