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No. Not shopping this year on Black Friday, but I am trying to gain the learning curve on my new MacBook Air. Bought this last week out of necessity, not because of any other reason. Old laptop will be great for backup Only. My personal Thankfulness begins with having help from the eldest to get it started. The rest is up to me, with a few fine-tuned directions as time goes on. But boy do I feel old today!

The Doors I’m sharing this week are a reflection of the season with a message for passersby.

Thank you message
Thank you message

Prarie Home is a tad bit over 50 miles from my home. A Sunday Drive was in order that particular day with fair weather and sunshine. And glad we went. Drives are good for the soul and great to destress.

Doors from a distance
Doors from a distance

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones (my fellow US friends & fam). And here’s hoping the rest enjoy your Friday whereever you are. And before you leave, please take a minute or so to visit Norm 2.0 for door entries from all over the world. Thanks for dropping in!


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