Hacksaw Ridge/#thursdaydoors

I mailed a package today. The door it is headed for will most likely take 10 to 14 days as they had wave after wave of typhoons (no pun intended) hit their island. So naturally mail is a bit delayed lately while they do some recovering/repairing/regrouping.

Are you curious as to what was in the package? Well it turns out I can tell you because they saw pictures ahead of time.

This is a cash budget envelope system for my niece who lives for the next few years in Okinawa, Japan. She’ll be able to allocate her cash and reduce overspending with these envelopes. She is to be credited with sending me Pinterest ideas to create this pretty cool idea. And of course, she knew her aunt has plenty of scraps. So in return……….

I get a few door posts.  (not that I wouldn’t have made these for her anyway) 🙂


One of her favorite places to eat. I believe they serve familiar food there.


For your shopping convenience, this is the Japanese equivalent to Target called ‘Nitori’ according to my niece.


A door at the bottom of the hill of Hacksaw Ridge.

2018-10-18_19-51-57_000 (2)

A gorgeous view from the top of Hacksaw Ridge looking out over the ocean. Forgive me for not knowing which direction this faces. But it definitely gives you an idea of how crowded the island is.


Glad to see this historical area is given some honor. A beautiful spot for reflection.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this Thursday Doors post and will take time to visit Norm 2.0 where he will direct you to many many more wonderful door posts from all over.


The Xperiment/Letter X

I hadn’t yet spent my Christmas cash from my Mother-in-law and so a couple weeks ago, I did some Internet window shopping. One of my purchases was this book….File_001 (4)

Trying something new is another way to say ‘Experiment’.

File_000 (22)Here is a stitch I decided on. The book description said there were 61 stitches to choose from. This is a Tunisian Pearl Stitch and is supposed to be one of the simpler ones.

File_002 (4).jpeg

Here’s the foundation row. It is twisted on my needle and that is a testament to the fact that I’m new at this. Also this is probably as close to knitting as I’ll ever come.

File_001 (3).jpeg

At this point I’m still not sure how it’s going to look like the picture. I learn that I’m not using the vertical posts, but the horizontal ones. oops.

File_000 (21).jpeg

I kept going and never did redo (also called rip out) that first bad row. Adding character as I go I suppose.

What do I think of Tunisian Crochet?

  1. Too soon to tell.
  2. Going to need longer needles for any hope of making a blanket(afghan)
  3. Need to wonder about using cotton thread versus acrylic since I could use the stretch about now.
  4. Did you know that even though you don’t have carpal tunnel, you can still have digits go numb?

Point to Ponder: Be careful of Experiments!!

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