Mrs. Lafferty and Mrs. O’Hara/Inez’s Clippings

Sunday afternoon is being filled to the rim this weekend. Listening in to the church service, sewing on various projects and then some yardwork. Before I get to the sewing stuff, I’ll share with you an Inez Clipping that’s appropriate for the moment.

Grandma evidently needed some adult humour to get her through those days of teaching in a one-room school house. After 27 years in childcare, I can relate!

And speaking of sewing, the season of craft shows will be here before I know it. So spending the extra time working on stocking up has to happen. Along with all the other events and ‘must-do’s’ that come with summertime, when I get a free moment, I’ll be in the basement, keeping cool and using up my stash of fabric. Here’s a sneak peak of some of my stuff….

Have a wonderful week!


Kerchiefs/Sunday Sampler


No bottle of hair color needed when you can cover your hair with accessories. Scarves come in a splendid array of styles, materials and colors. For the purpose of Sunday Sampler, I’m sharing my latest vintage-inspired creations.


After a recent request for a scarf with cloth ties versus the crocheted ones, I took some time to fill the order, add an extra one for good measure in the shop, and waited to see if it was a good option. And guess what?! It sold. So without further ado, I’m making some more and giving some options for the Fall craft show season. These are size small. Hoping to gather my volunteer models this coming week for photos. (crossing fingers)

Have a Wonderful Sunday and Happy Father’s Day!

Tiny Stitches/WPC


This crochet needle is for thread work. Tiny stitches make for pretty lace.


For the Weekly Photo Challenge, I decided to go with the current project. It was finished Sunday evening on a special request order. It’s for an 18-month old little girl who I feel would also fit in the tiny category. I’m happy to say the customer was very pleased!


Think I’ll make another!

Varnished/ Letter V

I was knee-deep in a blanket project request from my one and only sister


blankets for twin girls

when I got another request. This was on January 6.


This person asked if I could make an entire kerchief with lace as in this kerchief edging.

IMG_4258 (2)AAnd so the quest was on.

After much pattern deliberation, and the purchase of a larger ball of crochet thread, I began what I hope will be to her satisfaction.


Leather and lace

The reason I chose ‘Varnished’ for my blog title is to be seen below……

I needed a model and Rachel had a case of the giggles. I’m glad she’d only had 1 margarita and was not Varnished.

So what do you think the Verdict will be?? Will this be Victorious?  I’d appreciate your Vote!

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On the Edge/Letter O

If you make it this far in the A to Z Blog Challenge you may feel like you’re ‘on the edge’. But in Crochet and other hand arts, the best stuff is often ‘on the edge’. For example, I have been making fabric kerchiefs for some time with a crocheted edge. They can also be called Babushkas, Head Scarves, Triangle scarves.

IMG_2436 (2)

This vintage fabric was transformed into a kerchief and the edging serves double-duty by accenting the edge as well as functioning as ties for the scarf. This leaves less bulkiness on those hot summer days when less is better.

Infant-sized Babushka with vintage fabric

Infant Babushka with Vintage Fabric and Crocheted edging

I absolutely could not resist showing you my favorite baby model! Thank you for tolerating this moment 🙂 The cotton edge of her babushka helps keep ‘the itchies away’. Another reason to put some crochet ‘on the edge’.

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The Blanket Stitch (as seen on Pinterest)

I recently made a few of these……IMG_3707 (2) IMG_3809 (2) IMG_3804 (2)

And this one is on Etsy as of this morning….

IMG_1793 (2)

So I thought I’d share just how useful via Pinterest the Blanket stitch is to sewing items across the board.

There’s Edges for Felt items(wool penny rugs)f5165e5b5a740b06ff60cf98a8c3c8a6

For applique


Garment edging…

be3ee6504a9b98bfb6a042319276c6bfSo sweet for baby

And of course if you’re crocheting on the edge, it’s a critical foundation stitch.


William Penn once said :”Time is what we want most but what we use worst.”

I guess what those of us on Etsy do is

sell you the time you don’t have 🙂

The Miss Lou Kerchief

A few weeks ago I wrote a short blog post about an upcoming project I was planning. It worked out very well and here are a few pics…..  IMG_3798 (2)

But to really make something stand out, you need a model.

And I have one! Pretty adorable too I might add.

I introduce you to …………………..

IMG_3707 (2)

Miss Lou!

And so naturally I’ve named my

kerchiefs  “The Miss Lou.”

Stop by the Etsy store to see these and more to come.