Make Quilting Tax Deductible/ Letter M

If only…

I Mentioned back at “Letter J” that I had uncovered the old quilt journal. I guess it’s time to  Make good on letting you see some of the contents. Specifically My first quilt entry.

Letter M a to z

As you can see, it’s not old by some standards;  not even vintage. But it’s where I started, or nearly. I have one quilt top I’m neglecting that I may post at a later date. Probably not for this challenge, but eventually.

When I made this quilt, there weren’t Pinterest pictures or Google, Bloggers or You Tube to ask questions. I didn’t even have a family member who was an avid quilter (to my knowledge). I can honestly say I was wingin’ it. Glad I didn’t get too discouraged because quilting has become a part of my life I find very gratifying.

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  1. YouTube has been a lifesaver for me as a quilter. I don’t have time to take formal classes as a work a full-time job and commute 3 hours a day, in addition to taking online college classes.

    When I recently posted a link to one of my first “quilt” projects – which was more of a patchwork refashion of a man’s shirt, my page views went WILD!

    Little did I know there was such a large audience for such a thing. As an aside, I link up Friday Finishes with

    You must stop by for a visit on my “Q” letter day of Quiltorama!

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