Quilt Names/ Letter Q


A page excerpt from the journal dated July 2002.

File_003 (2)cropped

I let my daughter name this one as it tells in the entry.

Quilts are known usually by their quilt blocks used. Since this one used all hand-cut appliques created by myself, I chose to give its entire composition the name. I have a similar one hanging in my bedroom above my bed in navy and white. IMG_4851a (2)

Made for a full/queen sized bed.

Hand quilted and hand appliqued.


Signature not the neatest looking on this printed Chantilly lace-type yellow backing. I love yellow. The name chosen by who knows because I didn’t document this one. Until now. ūüėČ

The 3rd applique quilt, also undocumented & the last in the applique trilogy.  I will only post a picture for you. Keeping with the A to Z quick-reading plan.quilt3

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Make Quilting Tax Deductible/ Letter M

If only…

I Mentioned back at “Letter J” that I had uncovered the old quilt journal. I guess it’s time to¬† Make good on letting you see some of the contents. Specifically My first quilt entry.

Letter M a to z

As you can see, it’s not old by some standards;¬† not even vintage.¬†But it’s where I started, or nearly. I have one quilt top I’m neglecting that I may post at a later date. Probably not for this challenge, but eventually.

When I made this quilt, there weren’t Pinterest pictures or Google, Bloggers or¬†You Tube¬†to ask questions. I didn’t even have a family member who was an avid quilter (to my knowledge). I can honestly say I was wingin’ it. Glad I didn’t get too discouraged because quilting has become a part of my life I find very gratifying.

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Just Tie A String/ Letter J

I recently rediscovered my quilting journal.File_006 (1) (2)It’s really a wonderful tool to

  • keep track of what happened first, second, etc.
  • document mistakes you learned from the project
  • help you reach a goal
  • prove ownership (yes, people steal quilts)
  • inspire another aspiring quilter
  • keep a history to pass on to your future generations.

There are probably a few reasons it was put aside other than that I had to move my sewing room to the basement. It’s called the computer and digital photography/cameras for one. Having a few too many irons in the fire could be (and probably is) Number Two. Then there’s the time factor. The time between making a quilt can be pretty lengthy which would lead to my forgetting about the¬†documentation part. Well, whatever. Shame on me. Because¬†finding this little piece of the past makes me a little nostalgic. If I’d kept it up, I could have used it for the A to Z.

Maybe I’ll begin printing the project photos again and inserting them in this for next year?? And so I remember, guess I’ll just tie a string around my finger?

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