Not Leather, Just Lace/ Letter L



Don’t get me wrong, I like leather. Leather seats in a car are top of the line. But Lace crochet has long been a goal of mine. It is timeless and can become an heirloom either combined within a garment or as a stand-alone piece de resistance. From basic t-shirts to elaborate wedding gowns, it’s become a classic look. The history is fascinating. Some claim Italian origins and others Flemish (Dutch). Whoever is responsible, I’m very grateful for their contribution.

I have created a few pieces that I’m pretty proud of that are decent representations. (even if I do say so myself)

These were motifs from a book that I chose to make from Thread rather than Yarn. I added a homemade button pin and turned them into brooches. They could easily have been combined into a scarf, shawl, table runner or used for applique on a garment. Scrap bookers love these too!

If you crochet (or knit) try changing up the yarn this summer for some dainty threads and see what kind of difference it makes. I believe you’ll be ‘laced up’..

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