Natural Stone/ Letter N

A big part of our Fall craft booth is my daughter’s stone jewelry display. She has been a ‘rock hound’ since she could walk and for her to be creating jewelry is no surprise to us. For me, the names always evade me. I recognize diamonds, opals and turquoise. After that I make no guarantees of recognizing stones. You get a 50/50 chance with me.  So for my sake as well as hers, I’ve decided to create a little lesson on stones using her jewelry as a guide. Maybe some of these names will ‘stick’ if I make this presentation.


Labradorite pendant


Australian Jasper(greenish stones)  and Magnetite disks. the remaining beads are glass pearls and spacers.

Notice the green doesn’t always mean they are the same stone. But both are equally pretty.  Kirsten explained in simplest terms to me that a way to tell the difference is that Labradorite has a shimmer when held at different angles whereas the Jasper is as is –No sparkle. The color “stays true” in the light.


This stone was mistaken for turquoise numerous times. It’s actually called Malachite. I really like the look of this one and maybe I’ll have to throw an hint for Mother’s Day?

Above you see the slab of Agate known for it’s stripes/striations. To the right is a died Quartz bracelet. You won’t find those stripes on a Quartz stone. Gold Rush fans learned that the presence of Quartz can be a telltale marker for finding Gold. But that’s a story for a different day 🙂

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Not Leather, Just Lace/ Letter L



Don’t get me wrong, I like leather. Leather seats in a car are top of the line. But Lace crochet has long been a goal of mine. It is timeless and can become an heirloom either combined within a garment or as a stand-alone piece de resistance. From basic t-shirts to elaborate wedding gowns, it’s become a classic look. The history is fascinating. Some claim Italian origins and others Flemish (Dutch). Whoever is responsible, I’m very grateful for their contribution.

I have created a few pieces that I’m pretty proud of that are decent representations. (even if I do say so myself)

These were motifs from a book that I chose to make from Thread rather than Yarn. I added a homemade button pin and turned them into brooches. They could easily have been combined into a scarf, shawl, table runner or used for applique on a garment. Scrap bookers love these too!

If you crochet (or knit) try changing up the yarn this summer for some dainty threads and see what kind of difference it makes. I believe you’ll be ‘laced up’..

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The Leprechauns Made Me Do It

Getting a running jump ahead to St. Patrick’s Day. The item here is a hand crocheted brooch with leaf pin ready to purchase.

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Katy Trail Creations


& remember,

everyone’s Irish on March 17th!!