AmaZing Grace

I intended to discuss Zany finds from Auctions the past year. But at this particular moment I am suffering allergieZ. And I don’t feel quite so chipper about my planned post. I hate getting sick from pollen! I have tried most every home remedy on the planet. I know about honey and cinnamon. And it Does help. I use Vick’s Vapo Rub like my Grandmas told me to. I take a prescription nose spray. I have allergy pills. I have the good ol’ Hot Toddy ready at a moments notice when I can’t get to sleep. I was informed yesterday that it’s also called Grasshopper Soup. No Grasshoppers are used for my home remedies just for the record. But tonight may just call for a good night of ZZZZ’s.

So, farewell Blogger Challenge of 2014. It’s been nice knowin’ ya and wish we coulda ended on better terms. Not one for sappy Good ByeZ so as I say to my kiddos when they leave for the evening…….Toodle Loo!!!

I’m participating in the A to Z Blog Challenge 2014. Check out some of the other bloggers at this link.



  1. Hi – so sorry you got the allergeezzzzzzz. I get ‘em too. I wait all winter for spring and then WHAM my head hurts and my eyes itch and my nose twitches! I’m visiting on my A to Z post road trip. Congratualtions on finishing the Challenge!


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