Gambrel Barn Quilts/ThursdayDoors

For Thursday Doors this week, I’m presenting three Gambrel Barn styles. The definition of these is that the barn slopes in 2 places with the second slope being steeper. Built for great storage capacity for hay and equiment, these were the livestock farmer’s choice in earlier days. And as you will see, they make great backdrops for barn quilts. I hope you enjoy.

Liberty Star barn quilt. No visible doors.

This first barn also qualifies as a bank barn. These kind are partially built into a bank that already exists. The idea is to work with nature, not against it. I would agree. It’s also a quasi-basement for sheltering livestock. So this 2-fer is a real gem in the world of barns. Adding that quilt block just made it well worth its weight.

The setting is on a farm in the Pilot Grove area.
Another Gambrel barn with open space on the center floor. We’re calling it a Door. They utilized cinderblocks rather than wood for the lower portion.
My personal favorite.

This one has 2 doors. The lean-to on the side would have been added later after original construction. No fences means no cattle are kept in this barn anylonger. Not sure of the barn quilt name as it’s not yet on the Boonslick Area Tourism Council page yet. I expect it won’t be long before it’s featured.

Dala Horse door

Last photo is not a barn obviously, but a post office door from Lindsborg, Kansas. It’s a little reminder to remember a card, phone call or visit to your mother this Sunday.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you out there!


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