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Just trodding along the road of life these days. I’ve missed several blog posts, Thursday Doors in particular. I have the opinion that if I cannot keep up with visiting my fellow door enthusiasts, then it’s time to step back until I can. Some will agree and some may disagree, but no matter. It’s my personal thought on the subject. So Thanks go out to those who continue to check in on my blog to see if I’m still here. (I’m like that bad penny. hehe) Life has been challenging lately and to those of you who know “the why”, thanks to you as well for reaching out and checking in. You know who you are.

My feature for Thursday Doors coming up were donated by my youngest daughter and a tribute from me to all those vets who have served. I’m thankful for her taking time out of her busy schedule to see that I have a bit of a door stash. I didn’t even have to ask šŸ™‚ We did pretty good didn’t we on raising 2 wonderful daughters. *Proud mama moment.

Closed Doors — Flag Barn Quilt, Cooper County, Missouri

My own personal door attempt here was pretty feeble due to weather and window bug probs while driving to and fro. But we’ve been in great need of rain so it’s a welcome relief. The gallery below is a little mini-doc of my past week. Click for larger views.



  1. I’d say you did a great job raising those girls. That barn is fabulous! The other pictures are good, too, but I sure hope you were heading for home. Those skies look nasty. Your lilacs are way ahead of ours. They’re beautiful.

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