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Welcome to my contribution to the Thursday Doors challenge over at Dan’s No Facilities. Our prompt this week was to include holiday doors of our choice. I have stayed close to home for today’s collection. It seems our fair city has done itself up very nicely this Christmas. They usually do though. Please enjoy and feel free to visit the other wonderful door posts by clicking the link above. Dan will direct your path. But first, my doors from Sedalia, Missouri.

This house has had the front door decorated with a nice strand of lights for as long as I can remember. They appear to restrict their use of the door during the holidays but we learned otherwise on closer viewing. I wonder if the city has ever thought about a prize for longest-running decoration. They might win. Does your hometown have a lighting contest??

Located at Broadway & Ohio

I’ve been around long enough to remember when the Antique store was a book store. The first glass door to the right of the Antiques portion was where you entered to go upstairs. It was there that I spent many years of my youth taking lessons on the banjo. Ruth was my musical mother and this was her studio for many years. Below her studio was Shaw Music Company. Another music store she taught at used to have a radio program on our local AM radio station, KDRO. Ruth and I did the intro and the closing of the program each Saturday morning. And finally the shop that reads Candy & the Craft Beer Cellar combined were Cecil’s TV & Bike shops. Same owner. ~~~~ Just some first-hand history of this one side of a city block. Thanks for reading my ramblings. Below, some close-ups.



  1. Full circle on the banjo today. I love the history you shared, and I feel very good knowing that the area still supports business activity. The door at the top is amazing. If you hadn’t included the night shot, I never would have imagined. Our town has a lighting contest, but no prize for longest running. I know of one tree that’s been decorated each of the 40 years I’ve been here. These days, they bring in a cherry picker to reach the top.

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    • Thank you! The antique shop is a wonderful place to while away an afternoon I’ve learned 😊 I’m wondering what will replace the gingerbread men in January? Happy holidays to you as well!

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