Black Friday Continued/ThursdayDoors

The Badge

The Black Friday drive was one we were repeating the phrase, “We can come back when the sun is at a different angle.” So, know that the sun was in the west and if you’re new to Thursday Doors, we’re always planning ahead. Or trying to at least. I have often compared having a stash of photos being as important as having a stash of fabric (quilter/sewist). There’s always room for more. Works for me at least. I hope you’ll enjoy these photos from far northern portions of Benton County Missouri.

Four gable stone house feels so symmetrical in the middle of these trees. Sorry, no close-ups of the doors.
Lots going on in these shadows. Yes, a return trip is on the agenda.
Golden grass accents the blues and hides the gray door.

Hope you take a few minutes to drop in at Dan’s over at No Facilities for more Thursday Door goodness. There you’ll discover more doors from all over the world for viewing.

Does anyone remember this episode??


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