Bunceton, Missouri Pt. 2/ThursdayDoors

The Badge

This rural Missouri town named Bunceton seems to sit quietly in Cooper County. When you don’t find a lot of information on a small town, you resort to looking at the businesses it has. Basically, you’d notice that it’s a farming town with a Feed Store, Bank, Hair Salon and a Kindergarten through Grade 12 School. I’ve read about loved ones who’ve passed and a little about a 13 term mayor who made national recognition as the first elected, openly gay mayor in the United States (information comes via FaceBook & Wikipedia). So it seems this is one town with some gumption as we like to say around here. As a rail road town, it has a nice little city hall that may have once been a depot. It was closed during our visit. The sign welcomes you and says they’ve been welcoming for over 100 years. Actually they celebrated a Quasquicentennial in 1993. So for well over 150 years now. There’s a book apparently for those interested. But we all know that I’m here for the doors. Hope you are too!!

Caboose, Signage & Old Glory
Caboose, Signage & Old Glory

Some more ……

Thanks as always for stopping in this week for this version of Thursday Doors. Please stop by to visit our host, Dan, at No Facilities for directions to all the door entries for the week.



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