Bothwell Memorial Hospital/ ThursdayDoors

It’s always been my way to write my blog posts in the moment. Not much on writing ahead. And this writing via iPhone isn’t really my thing either. But I’m not going to skip out on another Thursday Doors post if I can help it.

Last week I couldn’t help it. My mother had just had emergency surgery with a 10% chance of walking off the table. And guess what?! She did it!! Praising the Lord for answering so many prayers. 🙏🏻

But now the hard part. Learning to live with some new limitations and maybe frequent pain. Maybe never fully recovering. Maybe a lessened life expectancy. Some very real unknowns right now. And since she’s still in the hospital, we have daily trips to visit and hope for news thru the nurses or, on occasion, talking to the doctor firsthand. Doctors and nurses face so many challenges these days and we feel pretty blessed we have one locally who was here that day to perform her life/saving operation.

My mother likes her privacy so I’ll keep the particulars under wraps for awhile. Just send some good thoughts and prayers if you’re so inclined. We can sure use them! Not ready for her to give up yet. Til later, I am sharing some views of the hospital.

Because Humor Can Be Healing



  1. I’ve spent too much time waiting in a hospital this year too. I’m also grateful for skilled medical personnel and certainly acknowledge how understaffed they are. I sincerely hope your Mom goes home soon with a good prognosis. As for me, I’ll be sitting in a waiting room the end of next month and hoping the same for my family member. 2022 was suppose to be easier but not so much for some of us. ❤️

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  2. I am sorry to hear about your mom’s need for hospital care, but happy that she beat the odds. We will keep her in our prayers and keep a good thought. Hospital doors aren’t the ones you want to see, but they are very important. Thanks for sharing and for pecking out the post on your phone. I’m not sure what I would end up with if I tried.

    I love the banjo cartoon 🙂

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