Abandoned Road/ThursdayDoors

The Badge

Travel tip: When in rural America, do not always trust your GPS. Sometimes, county agencies decide that a road is not needed, not useful, or just too much to keep up with and they allow nature, or the local landowners, to use it for their own right of ways. In essence, it’s donated back to the farmers. GPS did not have an update on this donation. Also, remember that signs are not always self-explanatory……if there are any. Such was the case in a recent Thursday Doors search.

But never fear, this gal has seen a thing or two. Hubster and I were aware early on that road management was not up to par on the lane we turned onto. But with no signs to deter us, we decided to venture on and explore.

I didn’t think we’d find a door on this stretch because it was very deserted. Nothing but treelines and fields beyond the low water we crossed. But the door stars were shining on me this day because we found a little hidden silo that has seen a few years of crops in its time.



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