Watkins Museum of History/ThursdayDoors


I have saved up the next set of posts for quite some time. Since “the Before Time” to be precise. In February of 2020, we enjoyed this museum in Lawrence, Kansas. It’s formerly the Watkins Mortgage Company and National Bank. Built in 1888, it is now a National Heritage Area and operated by the Douglas County Historical Society. Many programs and events take place here with a very wide variety of topics. Of course, we came for a door search.

I hope you enjoyed the first installment of my mini series and will also take time to visit Dan at No Facilities for more Thursday Doors antics. They’re plentiful.



  1. These are wonderful photos of an amazing building. I love the almost whimsical arches over the window, which I assum follow that elegant staircase. I’m so glad this building has been preserved and found new life in a way that lets people visit. Thanks for bringing it to Thursday Doors.

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