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On this wet and rainy Thursday in Missouri, I’m bringing out the sunshine from the Kansas town of Lindsborg. They have done a wonderful job of preserving a piece of Americana in the form of the Smoky Valley Roller Mill. It’s the oldest mill in Kansas and the only one with original equipment still intact. Once a year, during Millfest week, it is in operation. Maybe I’ll get a chance for an indoor tour one of these days, but until then, I hope you’ll enjoy the outdoor, self-guided version.

Alongside the mill is the usual water source. The next few shots give you the riverscape view of the Smoky Hill River. It’s a 575 mile river running through Colorado and Kansas. I couldn’t find when the bridge was closed to vehicle traffic, but it’s currently part of a biking/walking trail. Gorgeous view! They even light it up for Christmas so, yes it’s at the edge of town and therefore close to electrical sources.

Ready for some more Thursday Doors? Take time to visit Dan at No Facilities and he will direct your path. That’s it for me this week!



  1. What a wonderful building. I am impressed with its condition. These are the important parts of our history that need to be preserved. I love it when old bridges like this one are converted for bikes and pedestrians. It keeps them around.

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