Throwback and a Wedding Quilt/ThursdayDoors

So there’s this part of me that you may or may not know. It’s this. I’m very family oriented and this stupid pandemic has wrecked havoc on my chi. But one thing I can hold on to is my skills to get me through. For this week’s Thursday Doors, I’ve got some memories in photos and some of them include some doors. Not anything extravagant, but for the purpose of fitting in the Doors Challenge, I think I’ll be ok.

As for the skills part, I’ve been able to stay creative with sewing/quilting/crochet and the like. So gifting others the ‘making’ part has always been something I find very gratifying. One person I have gifted my efforts to is dear to my heart— my niece who has her own tag on this blog. #evette is where you’ll find plenty of posts about her as part of the subject matter, if not The subject matter.

And to begin, let’s start with the real throwback items. They’re called paper photos (that I have made sure are now on the cloud.)

So she’s in town all the way from New Mexico for a friend’s wedding this weekend. How appropriate timing to have her wedding quilt finished!! But first a more recent pic ….

Okinawa is now just a memory for these 2 and we’re so glad they’re back state side so there are more opportunities for visits. And as always, we thank Zach for his service to our nation! Hope you’ll enjoy my reveal below and take a few minutes to visit Dan at No Facilities for more great doors.

Signature Wedding Quilt is now delivered.



  1. The quilt is beautiful. As a WVU alum, I’m not so sure about the Kansas shirt, but your blog, your team.

    It’s amazing how family can hold us together during tough times, even memories of times spent with family. Thanks for sharing your memories. And, for the record, a firetruck door is aces in my book.

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  2. This quilt turned out amazing, as does all your gifts! Evette and Zach will be excited to share it in their home, what an awesome keepsake for sure! Thank you sweet sister- we love you tons!!

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