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So one might think barns were aplenty in Kansas. Well they are. There’s a catch to some of them. They’re surrounded by windbreaks—meaning a row or so of trees. So they’re hidden much of the time. And getting the great photos may be something for late fall or winter when trees are bare; that is if the roads are clear. Despite the odds being against me, I was able to find some good stuff in Kansas the last 2 trips. I hope you’ll enjoy my upcoming entries for Thursday Doors.

Starting off with a couple red ones. One is weathered, and one is flashing a new coat. Which one would you prefer?

Progression of a drive-by opportunity. The farm house is engulfed in trees. I suspect the barn was too at one time or other. I’m glad it gave me an opening to capture it.

Not a single back door to be seen in this view.

And there you have my small sampling of some red barns in Kansas. More to come in the future, but for now I’m doling them out in batches. For more batches of doors, please visit Dan at No Facilities. Great doors await from around the world.


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